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天堂AV在线Global food machine network ( originally conceived in 2008, formally established in 2010, is currently the leading domestic food machine industry e-commerce platform. Food industry is also the largest double in both English and Chinese language Internet trading platform. Since its establishment, has been committed to provide information for food machine industry and business services. Today, we are relying on its powerful information channel group number of access, huge and comprehensive professional services, to become the industry recognized by the first network platform of grain machine field.


天堂AV在线Global food machine network ( is a brand in the Internet age in food machine manufacturing, display industry rapid development and outstanding achievement, promote the development of food machine procurement business, for many good food machine production enterprises with the stage to show its strength. Through the Internet technology and means all kinds of food machine enterprise's core products and services set together, to buy business, all kinds of food machine users can immediately understand the related requirements and products.


天堂AV在线Global food machine network ( with complete facilities and strong technical force and professional team of information collection, information quickly and timely to provide professional products, authoritative expert opinion, and the market price, the accuracy of the latest developments in the industry as well as the detailed information of enterprise, and establish the domestic food machinery product library and are looking for business information database, in food machine enterprise and build up a win-win interaction between end users of large information exchange platform.


Global food machine network ( is the sublimation of traditional sales mode of food machine industry, to cater to the development of network economy needs. Effectively reduce the food vendors would sale, transport costs, breakthrough time and space, the traditional media and related food machine trade fair and exhibition, etc. The bottleneck of investment promotion effect is not obvious, online sales (merchant) anytime and anywhere.




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Our vision

Most popular investment site!

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Promote the development of food industry!

Our slogan

To find ways to succeed,to find an excuse to fail!

Our philosophy

天堂AV在线All to customer value!

Our goal

Do the best Global grain,Investment is more simple!



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