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"Intelligent granary" protect food security

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6 two thousand tons berths, cargo throughput of 5 million tons, annual production capacity of 600000 tons of feed processing production line, 1.72 million tons of effective storage, 10 mw installed capacity of photovoltaic power station... A string of Numbers, refresh the history of hunan food storage.

"As one of the important national rice production areas in hunan province was identified as the first renovation of the central financial aid local grain key support provinces. The central, provincial, city level 3 finance has invested 274.95 million yuan, enterprise self-raised 170.87 million yuan, the hunan food group each library point barn renovation." The departments of hunan province deputy director-general of the Guo Xiuhong said.


Today, the original "dangerous warehouse old library in the new" - with "intelligent granary" of digital information management system has been put into use. As the summer grain harvest, the reporter visited several "intelligent granary" of hunan province, feel the digital information management "HuGuang cooked, the world".


Digital management open "intelligent granary" of the brain


A panoramic camera, a laser measuring instrument, granary all the operations is an unmanned automated digital management.


"Food storage information construction, is hunan food group" wisdom of hunan food "one of the core projects of informatization overall planning framework. At present, of the local area network (LAN) and grain storage network structures, the video monitor, grain storage for the business of automation, detection and intelligent ventilation information construction, such as grain situation has been gradually put into use." Hunan grain group information center director jian-xiong zeng told reporters.


天堂AV在线According to jian-xiong zeng, in the regulation of remote visualization, by introducing some panoramic view of the plane linkage high-definition camera technology, has realized the dynamic regulation of food stored inside the warehouse; In on-line detection and warning of grain situation, through the chamber temperature and humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide, phosphine indicators such as monitoring, ensure food quality safety storage; On intelligent sense of risk control system, the implementation of the wind window, axial flow fan, fan switch integrated automation control, such as the ground cage and establish the early warning, automatic control of ventilation system to regulate effectively; In grain number online measurement, the use of 3 d laser measuring instrument, the application of laser ranging, Angle measurement and multi degree of freedom scan sampling technology, realize the grain number of online calculation, improve the warehouse management level, comprehensive protection of food security.


天堂AV在线Out of the barn, the reporter sees, grain of the past outbound food vehicles queuing up to the port of registration. "Transport vehicles into the reservoir, the first will be through to the port of registration procedures, this is the key to maintain the normal operation of grain order." Provide information technology support for the "intelligent granary" of software development department minister Chen kang wantong company introduces to the reporter said, "the original information for sea transport vehicles are artificial handwritten, now all realize intelligent - sell corn brush id card registration, SongLiang vehicle license plate automatic recognition. The transport vehicles are equipped with smart locks, used for loading and unloading of food set and process and remote real-time tracking, information transmission, can effectively prevent the transport vehicle card, transfer and other irregularities occur."


Transport vehicle registration finished, slowly came to stand before the prototype. Long stand sample rod suspended in mid-air. See sample stand stem from different angles, reach to be discharged at the bottom of the food.


"According to the national requirements, the storage of food quality inspection must be conducted. In the past, the food stand sample are all manual operation, stand and stand, only by dint of qualitative check member of a mouth, it's hard to do real regulation. Sell food in grain, packaged food is placed in what position, they are" art ", can avoid the qc inspectors found packaged bread. Now is different, in the process of concrete stand, randomly choosing system intelligence, can be directly to the bottom of the food the most. Equipment to replace artificial stand sample, saves the manpower, and avoid the people cheat, help to improve the quality of grain purchase." Chen kang said.


"LED to inform quality inspection qualified vehicles to weigh in." Chen kang continued, "on the vehicle to meet, the system automatically identify vehicles, automatic measurement, camera is equipped with multiple angles on the loadometer, real-time record every real situation of transport vehicles, leaving no cheating corner."


Transport vehicles passed the registration, stand sample, quality inspection, weighing, and a series of procedures, began to prepare for unloading grain. Chen kang took journalists to system control center, here, all the dynamic all know granary.


天堂AV在线"For grain depot overall monitoring, the system has four major characteristics." Chen kang said, one is to use a panoramic stare at the camera, video monitoring was carried out on the granary inside. The second is using a laser grain size measurement. Three smart window set is innovation, improve work efficiency and reduce the labor intensity of the artificial. Four is real-time acquisition system and grain storehouse in video monitoring, grain bulk volume measurement together, for the food management department to provide technical support for real-time regulation granary. "


天堂AV在线Temperature control is the key link in food storage quality supervision. Reporter saw, in the "intelligent granary" there are 219 temperature testing point, can do per hour or at any time on grain temperature data acquisition. At this point, through the remote data analysis and operation, can food to warehouse CT scan. So, through the grain heap of each layer at each point temperature monitoring, once the food temperature is abnormal, the system will alarm, immediately inform related personnel, at the same time through mobile phone text messages to determine the problem of food.


Special railway line built "intelligent granary" skeleton


"Blare, blare...... blare......" With sirens sirens, the train slowly into the station.


This is hunan changsha Jin Xia modern grain logistics center of hunan food group in the process of construction of "intelligent granary", in order to realize the modern grain logistics building with the rapid development of railway transport.


天堂AV在线"As one of three large logistics park, railway logistics area has been built in 4.4 km of railway private sidings, as a national" south north food shipped "strategic point discharge has been put into use." Hunan grain group vice President of riichi told reporters.


天堂AV在线Waves is ringing sound, broke the original quiet - unloading grain began. However, reporters were oddly, on the platform and no workers unloading grain.


天堂AV在线"Is different from traditional way of unloading grain, the tracks with unloading grain, each dump on the grain and is equipped with filter. The train stops at the specified position, the train's mouth and unloading grain steel rail unloading grain butt ran qi, regulators to press the control button, the car's food evenly discharged automatically." Riichi, pointing to the ground and a half of square square see wide mouth, told reporters that the unloaded food in RACES should pass filter filtration, avoid food mixed with pebbles in the gravel and other debris. And, in the past a train of packaged food need 200 workers unload 2 hours, and now only 5 to 10 minutes to complete, every tons of food to reduce the losses and costs could save about 100 yuan.


"This is we can see the railway, and in the ground, one is long automatic transmission belt, through good they will filter food directly to the grain." Riichi said, pointing to nearby cylindrical granary.


These modern granary change traditional granary covers an area of big and small warehouse capacity defect, into the new design concept, each granary, 25 meters high, 30 meters in diameter, can storage 6600 tons of food. It is understood that the current shallow silos has replaced the bungalow style warehouse covers an area of big, become the first selection of grain reserves. Warehouse is equipped with detection of grain situation of informatization, mechanical ventilation and other modern equipment, connected to the underground transmission belt, all mechanical control, do not need artificial can accurately to the granary of the rules.


天堂AV在线Port logistics structures, "intelligent granary" three-dimensional traffic meridians


天堂AV在线Chardonnay setting port in hunan food group, number of ship's mooring at the edge of the dock, the ship, pile neatly piled bags bags of rice.


"Chardonnay setting port area is the pivotal port, the port of changsha belong to second class water transportation port. Chardonnay coagulation area by the xiangjiang river thousand tons are connected to the ports of the Yangtze river in cansu channel, gradually formed the iron, male, water and air three-dimensional traffic network port area, the main development of grain and oil, bulk weight and other goods in transit and storage business, changsha food from water, can through the barn to land here." After construction, said riichi, port logistics throughput will reach more than 200 200 tons. Chardonnay setting port is 24 hours a day, at any time meet the national grain ships come here from all directions, to the port of unloading grain, could be fast and convenient.


At present, chardonnay coagulation port under construction 2000 - ton berths 6 dock (maximum capacity of 3000 tons), at the same time play to hunan food group devanning, transit and storage business ability strong advantage, has imported food change of loading and unloading, and storage, and distribution capacity. Port network system function is perfect, adopts the most advanced inland port container management system, sound system, the function is perfect.



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