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Henan kaifeng summer grain purchase loan support food enterprise

Source:Global grainRelease time:2015-09-25 09:59:28

In 2015 summer grain purchase draws near. The bank kaifeng branch sales department adhere to the "more food, good food, service, risk prevention", the basic principle of ensure acquisition task is completed in the summer crops. As of September 20, the sales department has been put on the acquisition of loans 1.0245 billion yuan, 181.5 million yuan more than the same period last year, to buy 846.69 million tons of grain, 150 million jins of increase than the same period last year, support the operation and development of food enterprises.

Deployed. In may, the department will organize personnel of summer grain production, prices, money demand, and so on and so forth extensive research and scientific analysis, active and food processing, storage, leading enterprises and the municipal government departments communication, coordination, forecast analysis acquisition and capital needs are sold in the summer crops. At the same time, to recognition of the qualifications of facility buy-out firms, 10 units purchase loan qualification. And to acquire enterprise positive promotion, clearance for library, ready for summer grain purchase, creating convenience for farmers nearby did.


Measures are in place. The department to do hedging, respectively formulate the minimum purchase price of wheat preplan start and don't start two sets of work plan, clear under the condition of your lowest price for wheat execution plan start, give top priority to implement national policy, in line with the national policy for the minimum purchase, for the grain storage enterprises directly under full amount lending policy food regulation, to ensure that the money supply is short summer crops; In wheat without starting from the minimum purchase price execution plans, actively support the acquisition of the main body, the market independent acquisition and sticking to it policy and risk prevention, under the implementation of the risk prevention measures, preferred to provide credit support. Held at the same time, the ministry argues symposium, actively promote the bank's policy advantages, implements the positive guidance, rapid response, effective controls, for summer grain purchase smoothly build the good public opinion atmosphere.


天堂AV在线Services in place. In order to do a good job in this year's summer grain purchase department opened the green channel, the organization capable force, in-depth enterprise to carry out the loan before the survey, work overtime to do well review, summer crops in time will be 1 billion yuan purchase loan approval in place, and notify the enterprise to apply for a loan. Establish all-weather duty phone, all-round services staff, do not pressure, no pressure, don't embarrassed, make financial service chain extended effectively, prevent the money supply in the process of acquisition, make the service coverage to each link, in order to ensure the farmers' food and money to provide a reliable guarantee.


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