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Shandong jining grain output is expected to 5.86 million tons

Source:Global grainRelease time:2015-09-25 09:58:02

Yesterday, the reporter understands from jining city bureau of statistics, this year, total grain output rendering Xia Zeng, qiu, the trend of increase, the year increase grain output will implement the "ten consecutive increase. Figures show that annual food crops planting area of 11.27 million mu, a year-on-year increase of 54000 mu, increased by 0.5%; Is expected to average yield of 519.7 kg, 3.2 kg, more than last year increased by 0.6%; Is expected to total output of 5.86 million tons, and increased 64000 tons last year, increase 1.1%.

天堂AV在线In recent years, the city in various favorable policies, under the guidance and support of high yield and create work in full swing, total grain output from 3.23 million tons in 2003 to 2014 in 5.792 million and 2015 summer grain planting area of 5.58 million mu, a year-on-year increase 20000 mu; Yield of 494 kg, 8.5 kg increase from the previous year, an all-time high, achieve 10 has increased; The total output of 2.76 million tons, 60000 tons over the previous year.


天堂AV在线This year autumn grain planting area of 5.69 million mu, year-on-year increase of 31000 mu, increased by 0.6%. "Since the autumn sowing, the high temperature, drought, wind and other meteorological factors adverse effects, some counties in different degrees of drought. Especially mountainous, hilly terrain of qufu, surabaya drought and lodging is very serious, affected the production of corn." The personage inside course of study is expected to, this year's autumn grain yield will amount to 544.8 kilograms on average, than the previous year minus 2 kg; Autumn grain output of 3.1 million tons, increase over the previous year, 06000 tons, 0.2%.


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