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16 years in chengdu in sichuan province will be built in 60 grain drying storage center

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天堂AV在线The season of autumn harvest, grain producers the most afraid of a series of rainy weather, but this year chengdu grain producers didn't affected by the weather. "Thanks to the drying storage center, all of this year's rice warehousing storage." The relevant person in charge of city agriculture commission, said this year the rice planting area of 2.6366 million mu, total output of 1.4369 million tons, up to now, chengdu DaChun rice harvest is close to 90%.

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天堂AV在线While a sunny weekend, publicizing the prosperity city town green bridge village farmers Guo Qiongqi specially invited four harvester, rush in the harvest she planted more than 100 mu of rice. Had a week of rain in a row, rice paddies, falling harvester are easy to slip, can be still in the day time will Guo Qiongqi over rice is harvested.


Finished harvesting rice was Guo Qiongqi on the pull to the prosperity of baking food store in the town of center. "At the harvest food if they don't dry, a few days will be fever, and then sprout, then can only feed." Guo Qiongqi tells a reporter, grain drying storage center is used for drying food quickly, solve because there was no ground air or rain can't dry food.


天堂AV在线According to bridge village, the land joint-stock cooperative professional managers Ren Jianzhong introduction, baking center was built in 2012, baked storage center has parallel drying equipment storage and other supporting facilities. Farmers need to harvest the grain to the center of the drying machine, we can store up to several hours can become dry food. Water content in about 30% of the food can be quickly drying, water content slightly higher it takes longer time. In DaChun harvest time, the device can be drying grain 200 tons, can meet the needs of the prosperity area cooperative, can cover ten thousand mu of arable land, 4000 mu of rice area of drying.


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60 baked storage center will be built


天堂AV在线According to introducing, compared with the traditional way of drying, food drying storage center of mechanized drying is not limited by space and weather conditions, greatly reduces the grain damage and secondary pollution, uniform drying after the grain moisture content, storage time is long, the colour and quality of processed better also. "A dryer to 20 tons of rice moisture content from 30% to 13.5% of national standard, at the same time save costs thousands of dollars."


As a core area of sichuan, chengdu has traditionally been the major grain producing areas, in 2015, the rice planting area of 2.6366 million mu, total output of 1.4369 million tons, the food and agriculture in the hands of grain drying, don't let it happen mildew, is the first level of food safety. The relevant person in charge of city agriculture commission said, according to the plan, by 2016, the city will strive to build 60 drying storage center. Among them, the state of 20 and 10 qionglai, pengzhou 7, dayi, JTG four, shuangliu, xindu 3, 3, 2 xinjian, dujiangyan QingBaiJiang 2, salween, 1. Each drying storage center according to day processing 200 tons of grain drying equipment, storage 2000 tons the granary of the configuration, meet the 4000 mu, the radiation of 10000 mu, 20000 mu of extreme weather conditions even radiation.


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