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Potato, potato, scientific name is the world's fourth largest food crops. According to figures from the United Nations food and agriculture organization (fao), the world potato output of 376 million tons in 2013. With the establishment of strategy of in recent years, China's staple food, potato, the potato planting area of 5.57 million hectares, 2014, 9500 tons of fresh potato yields more than 9500, area and yield are about a quarter of the world, China has become the first potato production and consumption power.

天堂AV在线Potato name a lot in China, guangdong is called "potato", "shanxi famous" potato ", fujian "potato" in the Netherlands... Peking man called "potato", make people almost forget the name of potatoes is not native, but across the "outsiders".


天堂AV在线The country of origin of the potato, in the far South America the andes mountains. The first European explorers arrived in Peru, locals planted a virus called "papa" underground fruit, "become soft, after cooked taste like roasted chestnuts, coated with a layer of not too thick skin". This is the potato. Later, the potato is the greedy settlers as the trophy back to Europe. After nearly a century, the potato use limited to garden planting.


The potato is widely recognized in Europe, the Irish have made great contribution. Ireland land barren, grain wheat grow well, the potato quickly popularized. The end of the 18th century, the potato has become an important crop in many European countries. Modern science has shown that in addition to the carbohydrates, potato can also provide quite a lot of protein and vitamins, and the potatoes to eat it is relatively simple.


Present in China, the Ming dynasty written by "the agricultural administration encyclopedia," record: "soil taro, a potato, a yellow alone, sprawling Ye Rudou, root circle, such as chicken eggs, white inside yellow... cooking, steam can be." On the basis of calculation, potato cultivation in China has a history of more than 400 years. Since the ancient times in China is the main food of rice and wheat, potatoes, usually as a side dish, so its producing is relatively small, mainly concentrated in the mountainous southwest, northwest and Inner Mongolia and northeast China.


天堂AV在线Now in Europe and the developed countries, the potato were as staple food consumption, plays an important role in people's diet. In China, the potato consumption form is given priority to with fresh food, more processing lags behind that of developed countries, the processing and key technology and equipment is also more from introduction and transformation of foreign related technology and equipment.


天堂AV在线In 2014, the Chinese government issued "China's food and nutrition development compendium (2014-2020), the extensive publicity of the nutritional value of potatoes. Potato medicinal value is embodied in two aspects: one is its medicinal value. Ancient medical classics "compendium of materia medica" records, the potato has "tonify deficiency, good strength, spleen and stomach, kidney Yin", "longevity less disease". 2 it is its own physical properties in the role of the medicine. Potato starch can be used to make the icing, capsules, etc., lubricant and dental materials, medical gloves, etc., also can be used as vitamins, glucose, pharmaceutical raw materials. Deputy agriculture minister Yu Xinrong thought, promote potato staple food products and industrial development, potato processing into suitable for Chinese consumer habits of staple products such as steamed bread, noodles, rice noodles, potato staple food consumption, scientific guidance to make potato residents gradually become one of the choice of three meals a day, they had, the time is ripe.


"Potato processing products in China are mainly starch, powder, Fried potato chips and French fries, etc., all products is a single, low nutrition value, residents in our country lacks proper diet staple potato products. Because of the potato is rich in nutrients, the human body needs by adding a certain proportion of traditional staple food of potato processing into a new type of potato food products, is expected to enhance traditional staple food nutrition value, will be largely satisfy people's need for nutritional diet." Agricultural products processing research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, director of the economic daily xiao-feng dai told reporters, "we are through the nutritional content of potato staple food and vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients and compares the dietary fiber content of test analysis, found that the nutritional value of potato, steamed bread, noodles and other staple food products is higher than the wheat buns, noodles and other traditional staple food products".


天堂AV在线The reporter understands, at present our country potato staple food research and development team to carry out the potatoes, pasta, hu hot soup staple products such as manufacture, finished the whole powder added to the potato of the rheological properties of dough impact study, preliminarily determines the containing 40% potato powder nutritional efficacy evaluation test scheme of steamed bread, all successful production accounted for 55% of the instant rice vermicelli potato, 20 and declare the related patents. On special equipment research and development, preliminary finished potato noodles equipment retrofit scheme selection and function, make the integration of bionic hammer machine prototype and start marketing.


Institute of the ministry of agriculture food and nutrition development x.h. Analyzes believed that our future potential potato food processing mainly has two parts, one is the potential of existing potato food raw materials or semi-finished products processing, at present, the potato starch, the whole powder (including cooked powder and powder), potato chips, such as frozen chips production capacity respectively achieve annual output of 500000 tons, 150000 tons, 500000 tons and 170000 tons, has certain processing base. Along with the advancement of the potato industrialization of staple food, from food products, consumer demand is expected to my whole potato powder annual production capacity of 10 million tons; Potential, 2 it is staple food products processing, rice and rice flour with wheat flour to compound with potato food products processing capacity is expected to reach 20 million tons; Local characteristics and leisure functional product processing capacity is expected to 8 million tons.


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