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Working principle of grain drying machine

Source:Global grainRelease time:2015-05-18 14:26:09

      Grain drying machine is the cocurrent and countercurrent combination drying process, and according to the temperature of heated grain implementation of "piecewise variable temperature drying" grain dryer, the drying section between design in tempering stage, drying and slow Su "alternately. At the top of the dry section, the high temperature of the hot air temperature, and take part of the surface moisture, the middle section of the middle air temperature to remove a large amount of water; after more than dry period, grain grain temperature has been increased, so the bottom of the lower temperature can be achieved to remove the strong moisture and avoid grain temperature rise is too high, and finally through the cooling section of the full cooling, to reach the safe moisture and temperature of the machine can be stored directly in storage. The grain drying tower will be "downstream", "current" drying process optimization combination, to achieve the optimal effect.
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