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The application and development of grain drying machine in machinery industry

Source:Global grainRelease time:2015-02-04 21:56:38

Machinery industry market is very broad, including chemical, mining, metallurgy, coal, power plant desulfurization and other industries. The most important application areas in China is the cement industry, power plant desulfurization and mining, application in this industry dryer (dryer), which accounts for about 30% of the entire industry, including food drying, corn, rice, tube bundle dryer, drying machine, dryer, drying tower, etc. in this shoe industry accounted for a large proportion.
With the development of science and technology, every year, such as the replacement of domestic power plants, such as the grain dryer, corn, rice, Guan Shu dryer, drying machine, drying machine, drying tower, drying tower, about 20% of the total demand. With the steady and rapid development of China's economy, GDP growth in 2004 exceeded 9%. The development of cement to build roads, power supply and other facilities, coupled with the development of the western region caused a large demand of the dryer, inevitably stimulate machine industry growth.
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