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Using the method of screw press

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    A screw press, before use. Must read the instructions carefully first, familiar with the characteristics and methods of operation of the machine.
   Two, screw press before starting. Must first carry out a comprehensive inspection, the fastener is not loose, the handle rotation is flexible, with hand wheel rotation, the operation parts should be normal, no abnormal sound, and then in the reduction box filling 20 mechanical oil. Loosen the lock nut, adjusting screw counterclockwise, presses out the spiral cone is pressed against the conical surface of the cake mouth of, then the clockwise rotation adjustment screw 2 laps, and then spin locking nut, ready to boot.
    Third, adjust the temperature controller (2) transferred to press the desired temperature 130 - 180 degrees (according to the oil): twisting total heating switch (5) of the machine heating, when the temperature control instrument on the green light, the lights went out. Crash temperature rises to the set temperature, and red light, green light is extinguished, the temperature of the machine is automatic control and maintained at a set temperature 130-180 degree. The host of the forward button (Figure two, 11) the host running, spiral axis direction is counterclockwise.
     Catch is expected to be smooth, four screw press machine after installation should be carried out 2-8 hours grinding press: method is to use have been squeezed oil cake material (rapeseed cake. Soybean cake, peanut cake, cottonseed cake or cotton shell, rice husk can be) from the hopper slowly feeding, repeated back extracting. The squeezing screw polished, the cake, molding, remember started grinding squeeze not directly into the hopper, and to hand feed appropriate, to prevent the squeezing screw axis card die, such as feeding excessive squeezed in bore abnormal sound or squeezing screw shaft stuck, should immediately stop, eliminate the obstruction and re assembled after restarting grinding squeeze, it is strictly prohibited to forcefully the trailer or anti turn down.
   Five, often when extracting oil must be kept inside the uniformity of material, never too much too little or cutting idling. This time the machine load is normal, smooth operation, sound has the rhythm, the cake thickness normal control in 0.5-2mm, smooth cake. Segment low basic slag, high pressure with a small amount of diesel oil, but the            proportion of slag in the oil is less than 10%, the temperature in the squeezing chamber can reach 130 - 1800 degrees, the cake mouth place to emit smoke should be     discharged from the hood smoking pipe. Squeeze griddle cake to spread out promptly, in order to avoid spontaneous combustion. When continuous work for a long time, high temperature machine should be take fan blowing cooling measures.
Six, when the spiral oil press oil into the filter tank top, press the vacuum pump button, vacuum pump starts running, filter the oil tank of air can be drawn out, barrel shaped vacuum, above the oil will naturally into the oil filter, but the deisel oil were quarantined in the cloth above. To be pressing is completed, the running vacuum pump oil is pumped after discontinuation of, filtration barrel valve is opened: cloth dry slag, using a scraper to remove; prohibited barrel to form negative pressure when the slag scraping) oil is discharged from the bottom of the barrel valve. Stop. Stop before the feed, while the release of the gap, and then put into a small amount of cake crumbs, waiting to be squeezed out of the chamber, the mouth of the cake is no longer a pie can stop. After the machine will adjust the screw clockwise rotation of one to three laps, and then disconnect the power.
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