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Industry applications of corn drying tower the development trend of green environmental protection

Source:Global grainRelease time:2015-09-25 10:11:27

Large quantities of one with high technology in domestic enterprises is gradually rise, the level of efficiency of drying equipment were promoted, corn drying tower technology level also rises gradually, and the green elements are increasing. The circumstances of the corn drying tower will be green elements in various forms are widely used in the brand marketing strategy. Increasing competition for coldwell machinery must pass through drying technology, absorb the advanced technology such as multiple ways to improve the quality of corn drying tower products.

Corn varieties increasing drying tower, use scope expands unceasingly, also rapidly improve product level, market competition is also increasing, this for coldwell machinery, is a good phenomenon, in the future for a long time, around the corn drying tower itself, to do a good job of related products, with details and specialization to win market and win the future.

天堂AV在线At present, the drying technology import is the basis of making corn drying tower supporting more complete, the more interest. The emergence and development of corn drying tower has greatly increased the production efficiency, especially in the area of drying play the role of the other devices do not have. So far, with production of different specifications of the corn drying tower, the production equipment for the user, according to the characteristics of dry products required, the user process requirement, combined drying technical experience accumulated over the years, to the most suitable and quality for the user design and production of the best material drying equipment.

The drying of corn drying tower drum with different angles of internal guide plate, the design structure can be very good guarantee material during drying, the influence of gravity can run according to the preliminary design, copy plate spiral path for moving forward, can in the corn drying tower drum internal material is heated evenly.

Current green environmental protection and saving energy and reducing consumption has become a very popular topic, and has been included in the customer's choice of corn drying tower one of the important factors of drying equipment industry is not backward, will upgrade technology at elements of green environmental protection, this is a kind of popular trend, is also a kind of rational thinking in the process of development.

Corn drying tower in various aspects and elements constantly optimized, guarantee and continuation of corn drying tower in the same relative competitiveness in the market, with professional and timely and thoughtful service as the soft power of a specific embodiment, the corn drying tower itself as a starting point, take the customer demand as the guide, practical professional and efficient for improving corn drying tower related job. Corn drying tower is heating drying equipment, materials and shaft sleeve column materials by the spiral vane and jumps in the rotary cylinder helical feed plate between the inner and outer cylinder turn-back and feed in the process of drying. Drying quality of the finished product: corn drying tower structure of subsidence, reduce dust pollution of material. High temperature rapid process to reduce the loss of organic elements in the material. Online water monitoring, fuzzy control, make the material water evenly after drying.

天堂AV在线Corn drying tower adopts popular high temperature rapid drying technology, make the corn drying tower dryer finished within a short time heat drying process, the very good solve the various technical bottlenecks in the process of raw material drying, obtained a good operation effect.

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