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Industry application ways to improve the efficiency of grain drying tower drying process

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天堂AV在线Now in the market of small grain drying tower application convenience store grain harvest, save time and effort to improve work efficiency. The main reason lies in the small grain drying tower covers an area of small, less investment, low cost, use simple easy to operate, and many other advantages. Small grain drying tower has a weakness is daily output compared with the large grain dryers can't, is enough for most users, but in fact there is room for improvement, pay attention to in operation of small grain drying tower affect small grain dryer high yield a few surprises can let users, on the basis of the normal production of grain drying tower enables its output to the next level.

Dry grain drying efficiency of the tower is very important, for a dryer has a high-tech combustor, grain drying tower efficiency is certainly very, very high. When we are in the use of grain drying tower, we be very pay attention to these aspects of the equipment. At the time of using food drying tower, concerned about the problem of combustion chamber clean regularly clean combustion chamber, don't let the blower and dust removal equipment are old grey and keep them clean, let grain drying tower can work normally, this will greatly improved work efficiency of the equipment.

天堂AV在线Camp, and with the expansion of agricultural industrialization, the area of farmland has increased, the labor and relatively insufficient, such as grain drying area of grain drying tower appeared perfect solve these problems, to ensure that the new grain can get timely dry processing. In recent years, the rapid improvement in grain harvest mechanization, harvest time reduced from 15 to 25 days to 7 ~ 10 days, grain drying tower centralized harvest in a short time. In natural drying requires a lot of cement ground, time consuming, if not timely to dry will cause the grain loss, grain drying tower can make the new harvest of grain drying process in a timely manner. Grain drying tower can help farmers friends save grain drying costs.

Grain drying tower won't appear all sorts of small trouble at work. Good equipment is not only efficient, but the interests of the most cost-effective. Keep the grain drying tower equipment is in the best working condition all the time, can let own work efficiency to rise to the best state.

天堂AV在线1. The material within the grain drying tower drum won't be "reciprocating motion", so the drum in the material can be siphoned off by the wind, soon results within the drum material storage capacity is too low, cause material with hot air and the static and dynamic contact area is reduced.

2. In order to restrict the flow of the material in the direction of the dryer export rate, grain drying tower caused the number of dynamic contact materials with hot air greatly reduced.

3. Diameter do too much; Can not make full use of; Resulting in the loss of heat; Covers an area of big grain drying tower. Outlet temperature is too high; Cause energy waste, simultaneously also caused the fall was drying material quality; Material of colour and lustre serious black; Even paste a lot.

天堂AV在线4. Inside the drum wind speed is too low, caused by the force of the dynamic and static contact materials with hot air is flabby, resulting in low efficiency of drying equipment. Only the downstream drying, food drying tower and dry saturated steam and not discharge in time, in the process of water vapor in the roller run distance is too long, so caused by moisture absorbed by dry material again.

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