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Effects of corn dryer industry construction of high quality and high yield

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天堂AV在线Large corn dryer price is more expensive and in some less developed areas is can't afford it. Small production of corn dryer, to some extent help farmers to reduce the price. Small corn dryer has gradually become the market to be bestowed favor on newly. Corn dryer its price is low, cover an area of an area small, but also for the drying effect is good, can handle fewer variety of food.

Development of corn dryer can not only help farmers friend for solving the practical problems of grain drying difficult, there are many other benefits at the same time, the development of corn dryer can effectively promote the quality of the food. With the rapid development of national economy and the rapid increase of people's living standard, the majority of the people of the food taste and quality put forward higher requirements, especially for finished products made of rice, rice with appearance bright and clean, smells good, the adhesive has good elasticity and hardness modest delicious rice. Using corn dryer drying grain in time, can to improve food quality requirements. Development of corn dryer is the inevitable requirement of agricultural industrialization and scale management.

天堂AV在线Since turned into the light of China's reform and opening up, agricultural machinery rolled by different levels of development has been greatly accelerated the speed of hot food, corn dryer to save the harvest time, saving Labour. From the current form of our country most of the rural area of corn dryer adopts the method of natural drying, harvest of grain food there is not enough wide open air to dry processing, caused the widespread demand for corn dryer, then the promotion of the grain dryers will be greatly promoted, gradually into the farmers.

Is very broad, the use of corn dryer with all China's breadbasket of grain drying, again good a mechanical device, has bad from time to time. If reasonable understanding and correct operation, can effectively avoid the busy harvest all kinds of problems when using corn dryer, also do not affect the quality of the baking food, also can let the drying quality and high yield.

Small corn dryer is the use of the high-speed stream make the material suspended fluidized state, use spray adhesive solution, drying, forming liquid bridge, make the fluidization powder forming porous particles. The closed negative pressure operation of the corn drying machine is working, the entire device inside and outside the surface is bright and clean, no dead Angle, easy to clean.

(1) atomization pressure: spray pressure, pressure is too small will lead to spray pressure is too small, adhesive from can not be atomizing nozzle as a result, only into the material container interior; Injection pressure is too big, adhesive is sprayed in the raw materials of the container wall, so that no granule.

(2) infusion: the frequency of the converter directly reflect the size of the infusion volume, the higher the frequency, the greater the infusion amount, whereas the smaller. Corn dryer infusion quantity is too big, can lead to adhesive flow rate is too big, too late to dry particles, forming a massive particles; And transfusion volume is too small, will make the spray time is too long, products granulating effect is poor, the quality of the product can not meet the requirements.

Boiling temperature (3) material: different materials for thermal sensitivity, corn dryer should choose the material according to the properties of the material boiling temperature, the temperature is too high, can make the material physical property change, while the temperature is too low, will cause the material is not easy to dry, extended drying time. By adjusting the corn dryer air door control into the air, to ensure that the fluidization and guarantee degree of dry particles. Air volume is too big, can make the material being pumped into dust precipitator; And the air volume is too small, and can lead to material not in the best fluidized state.

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