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Shaanxi hanzhong acceptance create work maize yield

Source:Global grainRelease time:2015-09-24 10:33:22

On September 17, grassland, agricultural extension center QuFa branch, deputy director of the panel line, to the maize yield of examination and acceptance of lueyang county to create jobs. In 2015, is a lueyang county implemented to create a project in the first year of maize yield, ten thousand mu of ShiFanPian mainly on the official pavilion, He Guyan, five longdong) 6, 12 village, an area of 10170 mu. The panel production in strict accordance with the provincial agriculture department create maize yield test measures for acceptance into the field on the field test, the measured, ten thousand mu of ShiFanPian on average 438.1 kg per mu, the average per mu 2591 ears, spike grain number 523.5, hundred grain weight 38 grams, the previous three years the average growth of 17.3% per mu.

天堂AV在线Expert group through field measurement field, listen to the report, data access and performance evaluation after the agreed: lueyang county leadership attaches great importance to create work, maize yield sound organization system, solid and effective work, technical work innovation, actively carry out efficient planting patterns, complete the maize yield to create goal task, comprehensive evaluation of 94.3, agreed to by acceptance.


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